Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Every hour starts and ends with you
Black fire storm
Tearing continents apart
A void
Louder than any chaos
Silent screamer
Tortured air
Grey and dry
Time and death
Glowing like dying fireflies in the dirt
Ash flower
Reaching for the light within
Resurrection and supersonic desire
A garden of aching delight
Deep inside every thought
Crashing deeper
MIA MAKILA, October 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014



"Is the hunt for love more important to me than love itself? If so - why is that?

Perhaps there is a sense of power in the chase - to go after the things I want, to have an ambition and to catch a fantasy or a dream. Is the  fantasy of the dream sweeter than to actually keep the dream?

If I chase love and go after my dreams - it is a proof that my existence makes a difference in the world. That I create the rings upon the surface of the water - that I rearrange things in the great cosmos. I don't want to go with the flow and to just accept things as they are - I want to create them, to make them happen and to feel that I create my own light on the sky, not basking in the light that's really there. Perhaps it's an expression of my narcissism, or perhaps it's a fear that my life has no real value to the world, other than to my own experience of being here on this Earth.

And if I am hunting for love than I am actively making sure it will be there. What would happen if I would stop? Would there be a void? No love? It's the perfect way to control love, to go after it. At least you are doing something, at least you are there - trying.

But is the fantasy about love replacing the actual experience? How would I know the difference to that? This hunt for love is starting to become a 'dance of death', it always end up in pain. I think I am scared of love. Not TO LOVE but to be loved.

Nothing is as scary as to surrender to happiness. I have never been happy in my life, so how would I know how to relax and just let go of the fear? If you are happy, there is always a chance of something unpredictable and horrible, a threat of an invasion. Reality has proven to be pretty cruel. And unhappiness and pain is so familiar to me know that it is more comfortable than to be happy. It's all fucked up, I know that. I need to do something about that.

If I stop hunting for love - what would that make me? An easy prey for someone else's love hunt? If I don'y create rings on the water, how would I know that my existence is of any value?

I know the answers. But right now I am trying to pretend they don't exist. Because then I actually need to change my attitude about this." 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Far away

So far away. Like broken moonshine.

I touch the darkness with my thoughts.

Wondering, if the shadows die when 

it's dark or if they rule 

the night with its blackness.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014


"Memories of you"

A crash.
Two planets colliding with the intensity of a war.
Destruction, sweet as the tip of your tongue.
Dancing in honey rain.
A laughing sun.
The center point of an Empire, always alive with fire storms.
And you.
A silver coated wolf, hungry as Death itself 
 - tearing me apart with your uneven teeth.
Jaws locked around my heart.
Blood lust and cream.
Unleash me.
With stardust.
I am raw inside you.
We make love inside a birdhouse.
Six hours of dead ends.
An eternity of words.
Layers and layers of black fire and fragile slices of ham.
Washed away by moonlight.
With the shower curtains still dripping of cum.
The texture of a raw chicken.
Tongues, wet and slow like pink snails.
Two hearts, divided by a wall.
Sharp as a razor blade.


A nothing box.
It never existed anyway.
You killed mommy with your love.
Cherry strap-on.
I hate purple.
Jelly pain and a fierce cul-de-sac.
I am just a detail in your life.
Pure love.
Insomnia inside a void.
Heartbeats trapped in a car.
Driving faster into you.
Into the rainbow.
A spilled egg between my legs.
And I reach for your heart like it's heaven.

Silence is just another language that we share.

MIA MAKILA, October 2014

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Are you having a crisis? Congratulations, it's the best thing that could ever happen to you!

It's been more than a month since I wrote anything here. I've been experiencing so many things lately and I've been very present - in the moment, in the here and now. I know I haven't been active here lately, but I will be back, just give me some time to figure things out, practically, emotionally and mentally. I'm starting over in life, the days of planning, thinking and pondering are over. Now, I am forced to act, change and do all that I was planning to do. Practical things, adjustments, changing, taking one step at a time, processing, absorbing, relaxing, reconnecting, recharging, accepting, growing, gathering strength, energy and inspiration.

I am single for the first time in 15 years and I am trying to figure out what I want and need from life, and what i have to give to the world other than with my art. I don't have any children or a man to have under consideration, it's just me and my wants and needs. I don't feel lonely at all. But it's all so new and unfamiliar. I am trying to create a lifestyle that is true to who I am, beyond the conventional choices and 'normality' of lifestyles and ways of thinking. I want to live now. I want to make my life into a work of art. And I've just started.

This new freedom is overwhelming at times. I surround myself with passion and love, drama and creativity. But there's a tranquility to balance it all up and I feel more relaxed than I've ever have before. 

For the first time ever in my adult life, I am free from the nightmares, the flashbacks and the suffocating feeling of the two traumas of my past. I will always have some PTSD symptoms to fight against when they are triggered, but they are fading, and becoming fewer and fewer. The trauma is a closed chapter, just like my childhood, they will forever be a part of me but they are not present and living side by side with me in my everyday life. 

I am finally free.

But with freedom comes control - power. Something I am not used to experiencing. It's been hard to accept that since my past no longer rule my life - I have to step up and be in charge of my life and all the situations I choose for myself. I am no longer a victim - of anything. Now, I am just me. And it's gonna take a while to explore who I am without any labels of being a 'girlfriend' or a 'victim'. Now I am me, I am an artist and I want to explore my new artistic voice in new art projects but also in my writing and perhaps write books. I have found someone very special that I want to collaborate with, a muse and creative playmate. It makes me happy. I just need to get back in the game, to unblock my creativity once and for all and start believing in myself again - so I could finally start working with my art again.

That is the most important thing right now.

To get started. I have everything I need  - a new freedom, I've ended 5 years of therapy, I've moved back home to my roots and I'm exploring myself and my sexuality for the first time without any trauma present in my mind.

I am not even scared anymore. I just need to DO IT. To get started. To act, do, make, create, be - to live and breathe through my creativity.

I am not afraid of a crisis anymore, because I know that the pain of it, is nothing if you compare with what you gain from it. The original meaning of the word "crisis" is "turning point" - and we all get to that painful cul-de-sac at some point in our lives. A place where we are stuck, trapped, a painful place of hopelessness, powerlessness and fear - or worse - a place where we numb our desires and kill our dreams.

To have a crisis (whatever the cause might be, a middle life crisis, a life crisis, and identity crisis), is the best thing that could ever happen to you. You have finally reached the end of your misery - and the pain is released  - exposed, real and tangible - and you are forced to DO something about it. It's painful to change, it's hard work and you lose a lot in the process. But what you win is an unimaginable treasure.

Life. Raw and real. Without any compromises, without denying yourself or your true nature.

So, if you ever reach the point of a crisis - I will be truly happy for you.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ingrid Michaelson - Girls Chase Boys

Black bells of fire

penetrating each other
like beginnings 
and endings 
of you

fixating starlight
illuminated veins
 - shining hard

black bells of fire
punctuating the mind
inside and out
 - even harder than before

feather rain
washed up 
like secrets on the rocks
while I am naked without skin
in the flashlight tornado

the sugar raven
and the inverted sea
rolling down my chin 
like milk

flying high 
among the electric swans
perverted dreams
and boxes 
tied up 
with far too many blood roots

| MIA MAKILA (August, 2014)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Creating a new life

It's been 3 months since I left my home and my boyfriend. It feels like it's been a lifetime since then. So much has happened, I am changing, so much, so fast. Some days I crash from exhaustion, because I'm moving forward with such a powerful force. I've found a voice to use in my art, but I still have to know which stories to tell - to choose and create my own mythology. I'm using a greyscale to minimize similarities to my old palette and style. I want the new. I crave the unknown as much as it scares me.

I can't do my old art anymore. It feels all wrong, it doesn't fit me anymore. The old lolitas are a sad reminder of how helpless I felt at the time, the missing limbs, the passive compositions, the enlarged heads are all indications of how I used to look at myself, I lived in my own head, I didn't do anything, I was blocked and it made me passive and tired, and I felt helpless and insignificant. 

I can see how isolated and lonely I was in that house where I lived for the 5 years with various creativity blockages, depressions (because of the blockages) and a distant relationship with  my boyfriend, no sex and intimacy. I now know that I can't ever live a 'normal' life, like I tried to do in that house. I can't have rules around me - routines or limits. And I need the intimacy of a relationship - and the intimacy with my own art. I want to create a life that is as rare as my heart.

I need to float through life without any borders between me, my art and my sexuality. I need to create a seamless world for me to live inside and to be the foundation of. I am not sure how that would work, but I am willing to try.

I've talked a lot about starting a sexual revolution, and I guess it has already started - but in the first phase of my self discovery, my research about my relationship to eroticism, sensuality and sexuality.  And love of course. 

Without a deeper connection to give the sexuality a meaning, it will never be anything else than a simple carnal act. I want the complexities, the depth and I always need to find meaning in the things I do. That's why I can't really create art if it doesn't feel true to who I am. If I am lost in life, I will be lost in art. And when I've been in relationships I lose the connection to my sexuality after a while - and it affects the mojo - that is crucial for my creativity. That's how it works. I am deeply connected to my art and sexuality, that's why need to create a life where they both rule, intertwined, in a creative and intelligent way.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The desires of now

"The desires of Now"
Chocolate nights.
Ejaculation of the mind - without an umbrella.
Organ tango
Melting ice cream
With sprinkles and pubic hair on top
And time like the sky
Open and endless
A space for two camels
Down there
Where Georgia O'Keeffe kept her flowers alive
Wet and thankful for the vibrations of the drums
The gentle strings of pleasure
Trembling like a heartquake
A house without walls or roof
Pierce me slowly with those nails
Watch me blend with the beats of pain
And the pleasure, far away from the daylight
Blossoming boat-flower. Raspberries.
And the taste of a mermaid's tail.
Form is the illusion of now.
Like time.
Like having fire as a pet.
My hair will clean your floors.
Upside down 'hellos'. In the flesh.
I am never colder than rain
Mia Mäkilä - January 2014

Dark violin : Wind Song by Max Ablitzer

Pictures from the Harry Potter Exhibition [Norrköping, Sweden, 2014]

Dear Life

Dear Life.

I know I was wasting you in my past, and that I blame you for all the mistakes I've made and I know I haven't trusted you much (nor myself) - but I'm starting to surrender to you now. I can see the beauty in not knowing where you will take me next. I never realized that you are just a big playground for me to play inside. It makes me happy. Thank you for showing me more colors than only the black and white. Your rainbow is really beautiful. 

Thank you, for everything, even for the hard times, they made me grow.


Sex, details and lovers

I've realized that I should only look for lovers that are obsessed with details. Just look at my early art, the collages are filled with details, just like my overloaded mind and heart. I've only made love to Mondrians or Rothkos - once even an Yves Klein, but never to a Bosch or a Dali. I want the surreal and creative sex, not the abstract and cubistic.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The story of my future

Today I ended my treatment with my therapist. 2,5 years of trauma therapy is over. Now, it's just me and life and my past is a closed chapter. Time to start writing the story of my future. I'm so excited!

"Ave Maria" (by Schubert) is playing on the radio in the lounge at the bus station, where I am right now. It was the song playing as I married the abusive man in the church. Since then, the song has always been a sad reminder of that mistake. But now, it's just a pretty piece of music that fills my heart with its melancholy violins. It is the perfect soundtrack to this moment, I am looking at myself in the mirror wall in front of me, I am looking back at myself with gratitude instead of pain.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

About relationships

I've been in different relationships for 15 years now, this is the first time I've ever been truly single. Some of these relationships have been very heavy, some were empty and hollow, others were damaging and destructive. I want to be single for a long time from now on. I'm not ready to commit to anything or anyone. I need my freedom. Just thinking about the concept of a 'relationship' makes me want to vomit right now:

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Where is Bergman going?

I have two sides. The Pippi Longstocking side. And the Ingmar Bergman side. Someone recently told me that Bergman is going on a long vacation. I wonder where he's going.

Chopin - Complete Nocturnes (Brigitte Engerer)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Memories of today

Feeling naughty at a café.

Asking important questions in my notebook.

Finding answers in the light.

Passing by the haunted house where I once lived.

Dark sunlight behind clouds.

'NOT A PHALLUS' BY MIA MÄKILÄ, 2014 (digital)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Painful truth

Someone told me this today, it was both beautiful and painful to hear, because it is true:

"I think your head and heart rarely agree on anything. You are very intelligent, but your mind has taken on the impossible task of protecting your heart."